Who can show you Ljubljana better than the one who’s been living in its streets?

Our guides have personal experience of homelessness. They don’t show you traditional touristic spots, but instead they will take you through their authentic life stories to a joint exploration of the city.

The purpose of the tour is to show you the hidden places of our city, especially those, that are or were important to homeless people.

Our mission is to build bridges over virtual worlds, to soften our own stereotypes about homelessness and related topics, to be education in action.

Joint exploration of the other side of the city is done in small groups, giving participants a safe place to ask what they’ve been interested in for a long time, but have never dared to. Come join us in discovering the underworld of the streets of Ljubljana and let yourself really see.


Why? Because! In today’s democracy, it is wise to show the other side of the coin – social problems. This is what our tours are for. Place where we can talk about ourselves and our problems then and today. Where we can open the eyes and souls of the people who walk with us. I think tours are a lesson and a warning to all who go with us and most of all to ourselves in self-reminder of where we have been. And where we no longer want to return.


I spent quite a few years on the road as a homeless person. With an inappropriate lifestyle, I have accumulated a huge amount of health problems, which brings a lot of difficulties in now days. I recommend tours for those who would like to find out, what problems homeless people faces on everyday level and how they look for inner motivation for a better tomorrow.


The story of each of us is unique. I get my power to run tour from believing that I can make some people aware of the problems of the addicts; people who are either at the bottom of the society or on their way to the bottom. As long as you think you’re falling, you’re still on your way, but once you realize the landing, the strong will is really in need. Yes, strong will, struggle and understanding from people around you.

The tours are conducted individually or in groups of 3 to 10 people and takes up to two hours. We can accommodate up to 30 visitors at a time.

How to apply?

Let us know:

  • your name,
  • a term that would suit you,
  • number of persons,
  • your phone number / e-mail address.

Where to apply?


FB: Nevid(e)na Lublana

Minimal contribution

Children, students, seniors and unemployed: 6 eur

Employed: 8 eur

Individual tour: 15 eur